Supply Chain Integration

Founded in 2008, Shenzhen Artop Technology Co. Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Artop Design Group (AG), a national high-tech enterprise. Relying on Artop design innovation service system covering the full industry chain, the company combines with many high-quality partners to provide customers with comprehensive innovation solutions including product positioning and planning, creative design, software and hardware development, manufacturing, logistics&cost control, quality control, and brand marketing. Guided by customer-centered and market-oriented service concepts, it collaborates with high-quality resources in various fields and industry chains, aiming at "reducing costs, improving quality, increasing efficiency and adding value", to create a professional platform for innovative product development and resilient chain solutions..

Product R&D
Professional PM and R&M team serves you all the way, which reaches nearly 100 people from different field and with rich industrial experience.
Pilot-scale production
Owned 4 small-scale production lines can satisfy prototype assembly and short-run manufacturing needs, while providing rapid validation and solution for lot-sizing problems
Supply chain
Collaborate with more than 500 partners in the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta to achieve strategic cooperation on supply chain resources, and escort for design productivity.
When customers encounter business problems, Artop technology can provide innovative product development and industry-wide chain service solutions to meet or guide market consumption of high-tech products.
Artop Technology Co. Ltd is dedicated to transform customer product vision to a reality ,and always delivers high quality products
Brand customers use their core technology to design and develop new products, and Artop Technology Co. Ltd will carry out OEM according to customers' personalized requirements.

Automatic Intelligent Manufacturing

Shenzhen Artop Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Co., Ltd (IMT) is a provider of systematic innovation solutions focused on intelligent manufacturing technology, owned by Artop Design Group (AG). With intelligent manufacturing technology at its core, systematic innovation as the guidance, and cutting-edge technology as the means, IMT provides and implements systematic, complex, and reshaping intelligent and digital upgrading solutions for industries such as smart factories, aerospace, catering services, smart medical care, new energy vehicles, large-scale agriculture, bamboo and other related green industries.

R&D of Hidilao smart Restaurant 2.0 Product lines
R&D of Diyou thermal-tomographical mammary gland tester
R&D of Hidilao smart Restaurant 2.0 Product lines

Mould Design and Making

Founded in 1992, Dongguan Hitop Industry Co., Ltd. is a controlling subsidiary of Artop Design Group (AG), which is a high-end precision mold R&D and manufacturing company integrating mold design, R&D, injection molding, product assembly and other services. The company has a plant area of more than 18,000 square meters, with advanced technical equipment and R&D conditions such as Japanese Mori Seiki CNC, FORM300 AgieCharmilles, Mitutoyo QV APEX302Pro, and AEH Daisy; it has adopted advanced CAD, CAM and CAE computer aided design and manufacturing processes, greatly shortening the mold production cycle, and strictly controlling the entire production process from development design and mold manufacturing to injection molding. More than 400 employees and senior technical experts at home and abroad provide solid guarantee for quality service and superior quality.