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Artop Innovation Consultant Co., Ltd.(ABCD) is a consulting service platform under ARTOP Design Group (AG) specializing in corporate strategy consulting, strategic research, design innovation, brand and resilient supply chain building, and intelligent manufacturing resource integration of the whole industry chain. Relying on the rich experience,data and resources accumulated in the process of product innovation, industrial innovation and social innovation with nearly 10,000 partners, ABCD has formed a unique and efficient innovation system and methodology, providing multi-faceted and comprehensive consulting and landing services for industries and service principals of various scales and natures, includingthe innovation of serial products, platform planning and construction, branding, transformation,upgrading and high-quality development of urban and regional manufacturing. At present, we has served more than 500 enterprises in more than 10 regions of Chongqing, Wuhan, Chengdu, Fujian and other places.



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Human Factors Research

Industrial Design Institute of Diagnostic and Therapeutic Equipment (National Trainng Target)

Cooperating with leading enterprises related to the fields of public health and medical care , colleges and universities, investment institutions and cyber commerical platforms, Hubei Industrial Design Institute of Diagnostic and Therapeutic Equipment are committed to be the national only research platform of industrial design in the field of diagnostic and therapeutic equipment by integrating design innovation resources, developing the cutting-edge technological concepts of industrial design, introducing and cultivating more design talents, promoting the standards of public design service and basic research of diagnostic and therapeutic equipment. The institute are also dedicated to enhance industrial-related design innovation capacity so as to stimulate the innovative development of big health industry.

Industrial Design Institute of Bamboo & Wood Industry

The industrial design institute of bamboo & wood industry in Fujian is an research platform jointly created in 2021 by Artop Design Group and Nanping Bamboo Leading Enterprise, with the support of the local government.It aims to fully exploits and brings the resource advantages of bamboo and wood industry in Fujian and even in China into play, empowers design innovation chain of this field, while developing the productivity and design innovation ability of the Bamboo & Wood relevant enterprises throughout the industrial chain to promote the integration and high-quality development of the industry.

Industrial Design Institute of Agricultural Products Smart Circulation

The industrial design institute of agricultural products smart circulation, jointly founded by Shenzhen Agricultural Power and Artop Design Group is intended to construct an intelligent platform for the standardization of agricultural product circulation, digitization of agricultural product transactions and integration of digital technology and logistics system, forming a "from Field to Table" quality tracing and supervising system throughout the full chain of agricultural products so as to accelerate the intelligent upgrading of products circulation. The institute will fulfill its social responsibilities and make its best efforts to help the guarantee of food safety,the development of agriculture,the solution of issues relating to agriculture,rural areas and farmers,and the realization of people's pursuit of a better life.

CMF Technology and Application

CMF technology research is an important component of design basic research, and CMFT researh & application center is the result of years of practices throughout full industry chain and resource integration by Artop design group, which is a dedicated research and application platform for various design material technology.At present, the center has cooperated with more than 500 qualified suppliers, owning more than 1000 types of stock materials gathered all over the world and having signed service agreements with more than 30 colleges and universities in 9 provinces.


Research and training

By the mean of Industry-University-Research Collaboration to strengthen basic application research, to deepen theoretical knowledge of CMF technology, to further understand trends and market research, to deeply analyze classic cases and material text


Application scenario

To realize the scene construction in the experience economy, we differentiates and deconstruct CMF technologies with variety of types and applications, and present them in the most intensive way. Such scene construction is an important means to achie


CMFT Materials Library

CMFT Materials Library is a real-time updated database of over 100,000 materials selected by experienced professionals and gathered from thousands of cooperative qualified suppliers. It supports for both online and offline ways of data construction a


Design application

Providing insights into CMFT state-of-the-art information, and analyse multiple product trends that include popular colors, materials selection, processing, technological innovation and other aspects, thereby to develop and carry out an optimal produ

Human Factor Engineering(HFE) Research and Application

Artop Chongqing HFE Intelligent Technology Institute gathers a multidisciplinary team compounded of talents in engineering, mathematics, machinery, industrial design, psychology, sociology, medicine, computer, software, and so on, with 19 Ph.D. students, 27 M.D. students, and 40 + undergraduate students from prestigious universities around the world. The institute is dedicated to the research and application of human factor engineering and user experience and their cutting-edge technologies, while providing data and design service of human factor engineering, user experience design and optimization service, product testing and evaluation service, innovative product transformation service, human factor engineering and user experience design consulting service.

standardized methodology design of user experience and Human factors engineering for control room
standardized methodology design of user experience and Human factors engineering for Underwater laboratory
Human biomechanical and ergonomic design for rehabilitation medical equipment