D+M Intelligent Manufacturing Experience Hall

An innovation hub platform that takes people as the core and design innovation as a means to serve people, universities, enterprises, industries and even regions and carry out various innovation activities such as irregular training, competitions, wo

D+M Industrial Design Town

An industrial ecological zone with the entire industry chain design innovation as the core, as well as a consulting Incubator which combines design innovation, supply chain, product-education integration, product research and so on

D+M Artop Intelligent Manufacturing Factory

An industrial design innovation and industrialization service platform with the whole industrial chain as the core, and a services provider of industrial design, visual design, rapid prototyping CMFT and other creation services.

Regional Development of Design Industry

D+M is a way to build an industrial design service innovation system for the full industry chain, which is also a carrier connecting global innovation resources to empower the transforming and upgrading of regional manufacturing and high-quality development; it is to create a social innovation culture and improve the industrial ecology and form a hub of social value networks.
D+M is committed to making everyone who is creative and innovative to achieve success and realize their dreams, and let the advancement and integration of science, technology, culture and the arts empower cities and industries to achieve healthy and sustainable development.

Chongqing Industrial Design Industrial City

With the design industry as the core, Chongqing Industrial Design Industrial City has gathered high-quality innovation resources from the whole industrial chain at home and abroad, which will support the economic construction of Chengdu and Chongqing, help national defense construction, green and sustainable development and rural revitalization, and lead scientific and technological innovation, consumption upgrading, healthy life and future travel.

Wuhan D+M Industrial Design Town

With design innovation as the core, Wuhan D+M Industrial Design Town is a platform that has integrated industrial chain resources, research and application development, basic support system (including product testing, rapid prototyping, etc.) and innovation incubating together to promote industrial upgrading and transformation, transformation of scientific and technological achievements and implementation of innovation and entrepreneurship. Besides, it helps the development of industrial service fields such as industrial designing and mold manufacturing in central China.

D+M Design Industry Port of the Greater Bay Area

D+M Design Industry Port of the Greater Bay Area is an innovation-empowering platform and an vital area of urban comprehensive development that integrates design innovation, technology research and development, talent training, accelerated industrial transformation by the way of investment incubating and other functions, integrating art and science, production and life, to help the development of strategic emerging industries and the transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing industries in the Greater Bay Area.


Leader the green design industry in sustainability
Green supply chains, a key to systemic sustainability
Let the green and sustainable ideas run through design process