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Purpose and Mission

Aiming at cultivating professionals, interdisciplinary integrators and mission bearers with deep self-awareness and strong sense of social responsibility, independence and innovation, outstanding design ability, creativity, leadership, forward-looking vision of globalization and international competitiveness for the development of China and the world
For design industrialization and industrial designing, it provides the “Artop Interactive Panorama EducationTM” platform, which includes talents, academic theories, and research and application achievements that fit the characteristics of China and the world's economic development.

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To master the industry law and changes by impoving tools proficiency;

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To enhance the insight into industrial trends and innovation ability by deepening industrial understanding;

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To improve the creativity and management of the value by deepening the insight into the world;

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Artop Innovation Class

School-Enterprise Talent Training


Industry-Education Integration

It is one of the sustainable development strategies of Artop Group. By implementing the concept of industry-education integration via connecting "professional construction and industrial upgrading, course content and professional standards, teaching process and creation process, talent growth and lifelong learning", we actively promotes school-enterprise cooperation and establishes a win-win long-term mechanism. In terms of talents training, we adopt various models that include credit course system of long time, base internship,and “employment prior to graduation". While continuously strengthening the practical ability of composite innovative talents in design majors, we have accumulated new experience, explored new models and opened new paths to meet industrial demand of talent supply and to promote collaborative innovation and achievement transformation.
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